EPS Group's corporate journey started in the agricultural heartlands of Ireland in 1968.  Supporting the local agricultural economy, EPS soon became an essential provider of specialist equipment and electrical services regionally with national coverage soon to follow.  Founded upon water abstraction and pumping experience, this offering later developed and diversified to provide a firm focus upon the Irish water sector.

EPS delivered several critical water supply schemes and wastewater treatment projects in the regions during the 1980s, followed by a number of acquisitions and international growth to territories such as Great Britain, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  During the mid-1990s, the Irish Government implemented its first National Development Plan (NDP) to improve the quality of water provision through planned investment in Water and Wastewater Infrastructure on a national scale.  In 2000, the Irish Government elected to use Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), as the preferred model of infrastructure investment and specifically Design-Build-Operate (DBO) contract concessions for the delivery and operation of critical Water and Wastewater Infrastructure.  EPS formed the first successful Private Sector Partner consortium for delivery of the Cork City Wastewater Treatment Works in 2000 and subsequently developed one of the most successful DBO brands in Ireland.  With approximately 30% of the Irish DBO market, EPS Group now operates over 200 individual infrastructure assets on behalf of Local Authority and Commercial customers.

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