Our business is founded upon great People that show Integrity, Willing and Loyalty - that goes not only for our own staff, but those of our Partners also.

Our People are our business - without them, we cannot evolve. We have invested significant resources into developing skills, specialist interests, personal development and customer service to enable individual and team growth. EPS seeks to nurture the talents and interests of its staff, to support the business organically and to provide the right environment in the context of development, opportunity and Leadership.

We believe one of our greatest differentiators is our People, from initial contact, through development to aftercare. Our team communicates effectively both internally and externally, ensuring objectives are achieved and opportunities optimised wherever possible.

Having evolved from a traditional downstream supplier of specialist components, we openly seek collaboration opportunities wherever possible, by harnessing the power of learning, listening and nurturing great ideas with others.

A recent Irish Management Institute "Leadership 4 Growth" study on EPS Group made the following findings in relation to people management:

There is a culture of valuing talent, with the organisation usually working hard to identify and keep its top performers. Any failures to achieve agreed targets is driving re-training in areas of weakness or moving individuals to where their skills are appropriate. Management strongly encourages the development of innovative new processes for satisfying project requirements.


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