Wastewater Treatment


EPS design and manufacture a complete range of inlet screens.  The EPS product range is designed by EPS to WIMES and BS standards.  No separate wash water required, low energy usage and savings on water charges.

  • Channel and flanged pipe installations with flows from 5l/sec to 150l/sec 1 orca screen.JPG
  • High efficiency due to intelligent control system
  • Very low weight end product reducing landfill costs
  • Produces the results without use of a compactor reducing production and running costs
  • Available for flows from 50m³/hr up to 400m³/hr
  • Integrated design suitable for new or existing treatment plant
  • Only operates when required, again saving on energy and servicing costs
  • 65% solids capture rate
  • More than 95% of foul organics removed to treatment
  • More than 70% dry solids in process screenings
  • Very low odour, almost organic-free end product suitable for landfill
  • Trial results at NSEF in Chester-le-Street which demonstrated the EPS ORCA as best in class for screenings capture ratio at 64%
  • Robust, well designed system for long life and easy maintenance
  • Modular and robust design

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