Wastewater Treatment

Dissolved Air Floatation

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  • EPS has been designing, manufacturing and installing dissolved air floatation and DAF filter systems for over 30 years.  We have the capacity to specify, design and manufacture in-house a full range of equipment from certified white water (saturation) vessels, injection systems and high pressure pumping skids, in addition to mild and stainless steel process tanks. 
  • EPS has provided advice, equipment and turnkey MEICA solutions to a wide range of industrial, pharma, agricultural and utility customer applications.
  • DAF filters have been installed in local authority water supply and group water schemes for colour and turbidity removal throughout Ireland.
  • EPS also offers bolt-on systems for retrofitting to existing concrete tank, site assessments and a process improvement recommendation service.
  • 100 site specific references for various applications.
  • Low energy options developed and process proven.

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