Wastewater Treatment

Screenpack CSO's

These CSO screens are designed to prevent sewage debris from passing over the weir, retaining it within the sewer.

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  • Screenpack provides an effective barrier against drain and sewer mergers during periods of high rainfall
  • Available in vertical or horizontal units and can accommodate 304e design guide to C.S.O. chambers
  • Meets the challenges of AMP 5 and satisfies current guidelines requiring water companies to improve water quality and bathing waters
  • Developed in association with Hydrok UK


  • The screen is constructed from durable wedge wire in two dimensions. This provides an area allowing high flow rates
  • Fitted with a built-in vent and coated in non-stick material allowing solids to drop back into the sewer
  • Static or mechanical screen options
  • Easy to install - causes minimal disruption during the installation process
  • Packaged combination of screen/chamber
  • Offline/online options
  • All units are bespoke, designed and built to meet most circumstances
  • Short lead times

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